Basic Open Water Course

"Anacortes Diving & Supply has been nothing but excellent in customer service and class instruction. I would recommend ADS to anyone wanting to start scuba diving or looking for quality gear, from quality people in a great shop" E. Felch

"The attention to course understanding and student participation was unequaled in any other training course I have ever had" C. Houston

"This is definitely the right way to get started in SCUBA" P. Naylor

"Anacortes Diving makes the course fun, enjoyable, challenging. I can't wait to get back in the water" E. Wilson

"I feel that Stan & Bob make a good team, they were always checking to make sure we were all within our comfort levels and made sure we received as much training as we needed to be an open water diver." J. Billy

The best thing about this course, "Taking the time in the pool to make sure we got the skills and did them well. The personal side to the instructors-You guys Rock! I loved going to the dive sites and taking responsibility over what to do..buddy check, etc." C. Fowler

"The SSI approach, the emphasis on safety and enjoyment and providing quality instructors who care about sharing the enjoymet of diving as a life long activity, make this an exceptional experience." J. Kenney

I really enjoyed the instructors and the people in general. Everone was willing to share experiences with new divers. New divers were  encouraged to feel safe and comfortable before moving on to a new skill and/or level. The SSI approach for comfort through repetition and skill assessment all along the course made the experience very enjoyable." L. Kennedy


"You guys do a fantastic job with everything. I love the way you tag team, you work really well together! Your travel packets are excellent, love the pre-trip DVD. You guys run great trips, hard to beat! Really appreciate your organization. You make travel fun and effortless! I like that you add other activities onto the diving making full use of the location we're in". Marle C.

"I enjoy traveling with the Anacortes Dive Adventure group because you know what to expect. You always receive plenty of notice about upcoming travel adventures, so you have plenty of time to prepare. Anacortes Diving & Supply is there for you the entire time. From the pre-trip dive party to the post trip update. Knowing that all of the most important details have been thought about, is very comforting and helpful. Especially when there is so much planning to do. Bob and Kelley always make sure there are virtually no surprises which can make travel a challenge. They make it easy and affordable for you to visit some of the most exotic, beautiful and adventurous dive sites in the world. Once you experience a dive vacation with the Anacortes Dive group, you'll truly realize there's no better way to travel." James M.

"If I had to sum up the Anacortes Diving and Supply travel experience in three words, they would be:  Just Add Water!  I don't know how they do it (okay, I do know...a lot of hard work) but Kelley and Bob put together amazing trips from soup to nuts; all I have to do is show up.  Okay I have to pack, but that's a trifle in comparison.  Aside from fantastic trips to warm water sites on most divers' bucket lists (PNG, Fiji, Truk Lagoon, Bali/Komodo, Cocos) they also offer trips to some of the absolute best cold water diving in the world....Port Hardy! But wait...there's more!  They also run an excellent dive store and are all around just really nice people.  So...what are you waiting for?" Mary S.

"You often hear Bob Scarzafava say "Sega na leqa" which is "No Worries" in Fijian.  Traveling with Anacortes Diving is just that.  Because of  their abundance of travel and diving experience, amazing organization and clear communication prior to and during the trip, and  ability to select high quality adventures to unusual destinations, we have been diving with Bob and Kelley exclusively since 2006.  In addition, the quality of divers that are attracted to travel with them instill a close, caring, friendly atmosphere.  Who could ask for more?!?!" Peggy & Dale C.

"I have travelled on numerous trips with Bob and Kelley since 2004.  I have found their trips to be very organized and efficient from beginning to end.  The trips are very well thought out and planned down to every detail.  Plus they are fun to travel with!  I would highly recommend Anacortes Diving to anyone that loves to travel and dive in exotic places." Marle C


"I have traveled with Bob and Kelley of Anacortes Diving and Supply since 2001 on more dive trips than I can remember.  Their trips have always been meticulously planned, to excellent destinations, and booked with dependable, safe dive operations.  My three all time favorite dive trips were among those taken with with Anacortes diving.  In addition, these trips were always a very good value from a financial standpoint. Bob and Kelley really care about all of their customers, and do their best to make sure that everyone has a great time.  If you are new to international dive travel, they will get you through all of the hassles with airlines, airports, customs, immigration, law enforcement, medical emergencies and even quarantine proceedings.  In my early days of traveling alone, I was getting hassled and ripped off every time I turned around.  That does not happen with Anacortes Diving.  Bob and Kelley are also a great resource to have along in remote parts of the world when your dive equipment and photography gear malfunctions.  They can fix almost anything. Another HUGE benefit of traveling with with Anacortes Diving is the quality of your companions.  These people are among the nicest you will ever meet, and some of them have become very close friends.  I would do anything for any of them.  I have had my enjoyment of other trips greatly impaired by malignant, obnoxious, careless and inconsiderate individuals. I am a perfectionist and critical individual.  I do not give out praise lightly, but I can recommend Anacortes diving as a dive shop, and dive travel organization without reservation." Hal Everett, MD




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