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Begin your adventure by heading out with us on one of our local charter boats to explore the incredible diving of the San Juan Islands. The dive sites offer a variety of life here in the Pacific Northwest from Sea Lions, Pacific Giant Octopus and Wolfeels to name a few. You can also see many Nudibranchs, Lingcod, Rockfish, Puget Sound King Crab and much, much more. Bring along your underwater camera as you will want to take home some great shots of everything you will see. Because the San Juan's are current swept, the choices for dive sites are dependent on tides and weather for the day. All the nature viewing is not just underwater as getting to and from the sites we can encounter Bald Eagles, Orca Whales, Sea Lions, Dahls Porpoise and even Grey Whales. It makes for a great day out on the water enjoying what the Pacific Northwest is best known for, Nature!
Charter price $115 plus tax       Club Members $110 plus tax
REQUIREMENTS: Charter price must be paid in full to hold your spot. There are no refunds for any cancellation less than 48 hours from departure. Each diver must have been diving in cold water within the last 60 days and have cold water diving experience before joining us to maximize your enjoyment on the charter. Includes lunch.
DECEPTION PASS CHARTERS: Due to challenging currents each diver must have been diving in cold water within the last 30 days, have an Advanced Certification card and have a minimum of 50 logged dives.
EQUIPMENT REQUIREMENTS: You will need all dive equipment and two full tanks. This includes having a BC, safe second, depth & pressure gauge, dive computer, safety sausage and whistle.

Sunday March 15--2 tank dive
Saturday March 28--Deception Pass Dive
Sunday April 12--2 tank dive
Sunday April 26--Deception Pass Dive
Saturday May 9--2 tank dive
Saturday May 23--2 tank dive
Saturday June 20--2 tank dive
Friday June 26--Deception Pass Dive
Friday July3--2 tank dive
Sunday July 12--2 tank dive
Tuesday July 21--2 tank dive
Saturday August 1--2 tank dive
Neah Bay Trip--August 7-9 (3 days diving you need to be there on Aug 6)
Friday August 28--2 tank dive
Saturday September 19--2 tank dive
Sunday September 27--2 tank dive
Sunday October 11--2 tank dive
All San Juan Charters meet at Anacortes Diving at 7:30 am, unless otherwise noted.


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