Rosario Beach is a great dive site that we use for training. Unlike Keystone Underwater Park this dive site is not that affected by currents. Within the confines of the protected bay is where we conduct Open Water Certification dives as well as many advanced specialties like Navigation, Search & Recovery and Stress & Rescue. The main dive site however is called Urchin Rocks and is located off to the left of the cove. Go slow and spend time exploring the rock face, as there is a Giant Pacific Octopus that makes his home in one of the large cracks in the wall. There are usually several different species of Nudibranchs as well as Crabs and Shrimp. If you are lucky, there is a little Seal here that is very curious and will come around to check you out. The bottom here is very silty, so it is really important to practice good buoyancy skills.

Photographers: This is a good place for macro critters and practicing good buoyancy skills with a camera.

Currents: In the cove itself it is usually very mild with not much to worry about. As you head out around Urchin Rocks, the more current you will encounter. On an Ebb current, be aware if the current is pulling you out, as you will have to swim back against it to return to the beach. If the current is more than you can handle, turn around.

Facilities: There are restrooms located at the park, but there is no hot water. There are picnic tables, BBQ stands and a covered eating area with stone fireplace that can be reserved for functions.


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