Skyline Beach Wall or Burrows Channel is a current swept passage between Fidalgo and Burrows Island. This dive site is rich with sea life due to the amount of current that travels through the pass. Once you swim past the sandy eel grass bay and out towards the kelp bed you will find a series of ledges that lead to a vertical wall that are filled with life. Look for all the usual macro critters as well as Wolfeels and Giant Pacific Octopus. The wall tends to bottom out at 85-95 ft so watch your depth. Swift current and boat traffic are the biggest hazards at this site.

Photographers: This is a great site for macro critters. If you have good visibility and a sunny day the kelp bed offers some wide-angle opportunities.

Current: You must dive this site on a SLACK BEFORE AN EBB ONLY. The current runs backward through the channel and the only time this varies is if the slack is too long (minimal exchange for that day). A recommendation would be to enter the water about 20 minutes before slack. The best-case scenario is to ride the current out to the wall, dive through slack and then catch the current back to the beach. This dive site is for experienced, advanced divers only.

Facilities: There are no facilities at this site. Washington Park is just down the road and has restrooms, picnic areas, camping and a boat launch.


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