We understand that choosing to dive here in the Northwest can be a little challenging and a little chilly. The ability to dive in cold water allows you to take advantage of some pretty spectacular diving right here in our own backyard. Drysuit Diving provides divers with additional comfort, warmth and safety to explore these incredible waters all year round.

In this course you will learn how to choose the best Drysuit for you, proper dressing techniques, how to safely dive in the suit and how to care for the suit.

In addition to your Drysuit diving course you can add the use of Argon to fill your Drysuit to stay even warmer. To use Argon for the two dives in the open water is just an additional $25. Ask your instructor for more details.

This course consists of 1-classroom session, 1-two hour pool session and 2-dives in the Open Water.

Equipment Included: Drysuit, undergarment, hood, hose and ankle weights.

*If you are signed up for our Basic Scuba Course, you can take the Drysuit Specialty Course as an upgrade option with your Open Water Training. You will have one additional classroom session and on your last pool session you will be in the pool practicing with the Drysuit. You will then spend the last weekend of training diving dry, warm and comfortable!


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