The Stress & Rescue class is one of the most important specialties you can take. Diver stress is the unwelcome result of a lack of experience or the failure to take necessary precautions. This stress usually results in panic, and panic is what can cause diving accidents. Most of these accidents can be preventable by recognizing the onset of stress and then dealing with it, therefore preventing the panic.

Rescue skills are needed in case a diving accident has occurred, so you can assist the person in trouble as well as keeping yourself safe.

You will learn how to recognize stress and panic, help yourself or your buddy to overcome it, and how to rescue someone if an accident has occurred.

Since we are dealing with accidents, you have learned that the number one first aid is to provide 100% oxygen to the victim. In the DAN O2 provider course you will be trained in the safe and proper handling of oxygen, how to assemble and disassemble the unit as well as administer oxygen to the injured diver.

This course consists of 3-classroom sessions, 1-two hour pool session, and two dives in the open water. The class includes a Stress & Rescue card and DAN O2 provider card.


You must be at least a level 2 diver to begin this course and have taken the Underwater Navigation Specialty Course. You will also need to have current CPR/First Aid training.


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