With the onset of digital cameras, it has definitely changed the way we take pictures underwater. We are no longer limited to just 24-36 shots on one dive with film, but now we are able to shoot until our camera or strobe batteries go dead. We can also check our shots as we are shooting underwater to make sure the camera is functioning properly and our exposures are perfect. Once you put a camera in your hand it is very difficult to stop taking pictures as you are always looking for the next "great shot".

In this course you will learn about the effects of light underwater, how the system works, and how to put together, tear down and care for your camera system. We will work on body positioning and of course the most important element of underwater photography is bouyancy control. Last but not least, what the heck do we do with all those photos? We'll cover data transfer of images and image editing.

The rule of thumb here is if you start with a good image, you should not have to spend a lot of time in the image editing department.

This course is 2-classroom sessions, 1-two hour pool session and 2-dives in the open water.

Requirements: Camera and Strobe system. We now have rental camera systems available for the course if you do not have your own system.


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