Open Water Certification: Computer Assisted Diving

As a beginning Open Water Student you will be learning lots of new information in your class, one of which will be about dive tables. Dive tables are very important to the diver because they inform you how much time you can spend at any depth you will be diving to. You need to dive within these guide lines to make sure you stay safe and not suffer from any complications such as decompression sickness. With technology today we have a much easier and safer way to dive and that is with the use of a Dive Computer. Dive Computers calculate your depth and time for you. They have graphs to show nitrogen loading, ascent rates, log your dives and keep track of your surface interval time. This will all make a little more sense once you have read Chapter 4.

As a student you have a unique opportunity to dive with a Dive Computer in your Open Water Class. After registering for your course we will give you an access code that you will use to go on-line to learn all about the Dive Computer that we use for training. After completing the on-line training you will feel confident and more comfortable in using the Dive Computer and how it will benefit you while diving.

By using Dive Computers in Open Water class, we feel it gives the student a clear understanding on how a computer makes diving safer and easier. There are all different types of computers so you will want to make sure to purchase one that best fits your needs as a new diver. If you have any questions please never hesitate to ask.


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