Open Water Certification: Drysuit Diving

We understand that choosing to dive here in the Northwest can be a little challenging. One of the main reasons for students to hesitate taking classes here is due to the cold water. The ability to dive in cold water allows you to take advantage of some pretty spectacular diving right here in our own backyard. Drysuit Diving provides divers with additional comfort, warmth and safety to explore these incredible waters. We have launched a new program that allows you the student to take your open water certification dives in a Drysuit and receive your Drysuit specialty certification at the same time.

The Drysuit Specialty requires one additional class night and on the last pool session you will be in a Drysuit learning how to dive safely in the suit before venturing out on the final certification weekend.

Standard price for the Drysuit Specialty Course is $175 plus books. As a special offer to our students while taking the Open Water Course your price is $125 plus books. This includes the use of the Drysuit, undergarment, hood and ankle weights for the last two days of diving in the open water.

We want to make sure your Open Water Certification Course is enjoyable and Drysuits have helped many divers continue diving in cold water. There is no better, safer way to stay warm in cold water. If you get cold while diving, a Drysuit is for you! In addition to your Drysuit diving course you can add the use of Argon to fill your Drysuit to stay even warmer. To use Argon for the open water weekend is just an additional $25 for the two open water days. Ask your instructor for more details.


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