Snorkeling Course:

Snorkeling is a great activity for the entire family. Before you head out on that next tropical vacation, sign up for the next snorkeling class to make sure you know how all your new equipment works.

If you have never snorkeled before, we'll show you some easy techniques to help you master the skill and make sure your vacation is spent enjoying the underwater world. Maybe you have snorkeled a few times and are looking for some more advanced techniques? We can show you how to do some great surface dives so you can dive down and enjoy all that spectacular reef life up close. Open to all ages!

This course consists of 1-classroom session and 1-2 hour pool session.

Mask, snorkel, fins and snorkeling vest are provided unless you already have your own personal equipment.

Snorkeling Tour:

Snorkeling is a great activity for the entire family. We offer Snorkel Tours to our local area beach to show you what great critter life we have here in the Northwest.

We will provide you with everything that you need to Snorkel safely here in the Puget Sound. This will include the use of Mask, Snorkel, Fins, Boots, Gloves, Wetsuit & Hood*.  

The tour is from 9 am until Noon. Call for schedule. 

Cost is $59 per person (minimum 2 people needed)

No Experience necessary!

*There are some limitations on sizes, please call in advance so we can make sure we have equipment to fit you.


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