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Tiger Shark over sand
Duration: Jul 14 2019 - Jul 21 2019
Price: starting $3200
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Dolphin and Tiger Shark Combo Trip

Bahamas Master Liveaboard


Join us aboard the Bahamas Master, based in Freeport, Bahamas.  The Bahamas is the third largest barrier reef area in the world and covers an incredible 470,00 km of sparkling Atlantic Ocean. Exisiting of 700 islands and cayes, one can easily imagine the variety of dive sites: wrecks, caves, blue holes and obviously sharks!

Tiger Shark and Sunshine

Tiger Shark and Sunshine


Four (4) Standard cabins, Twin Bunk beds and share a bathroom with another cabin

Two (2) Premium Cabins, Twin bunk beds and have their own bathroom

Two (2) Master Cabins, Double beds and have their own bathroom

Important Shark Diving Information:

Even though diving with sharks is very exciting and fun, it has inherent risks. In order to minimize these risks the Master fleet requires all divers: to cover all exposed skin and hair and wear the following gear on every Tiger Shark dive.

  • Full length black or dark blue wetsuit … NO SHORTIES
  • Black hood
  • Black gloves
  • Black or dark blue fins

It is not permitted to dive with any bright colored equipment during these dives.