Has it been 6 months, a year, maybe two years since you've been diving? Then it is time for a review of all those skills that you learned in your basic open water course.

The Scuba Skills Update program is designed as a one night class and pool refresher with optional open water dives. In the classroom we will review equipment set-up, planning your dives, and emergency skills. In the 2-hour pool session we will practice all skills (mask clearing, regulator clearing, air sharing ascents etc) and buoyancy. If you have opted for the two open water dives then you will make arrangements with the instructor to do these skills in the open water. If you have never dove here in the cold water or are new to the area this is a perfect way to get introduced as the instructor will help get you weighted with all your new equipment.

Before the course, you will need to stop in and bring all your equipment and certification card with you. If it has been just as long since your equipment has been serviced, it must be serviced before you can use it in the course.

Class and pool sessions we will supply you with BC, regulator, tank & weight belt to use in the pool if you do not have your own equipment. For the open water dives, you will need to rent all the equipment that you need for the day.

If it has been more than 5 years since you have been diving then you need to take the basic scuba course again. This course is not designed to re-teach you an entire open water certification course in one night.


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