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Why dive with Anacortes Diving? We are Dive Travel specialists, from the Caribbean to the Tropical Pacific. We take ALL the stress and worry out of your Dive Travel. It all starts with our meticulous planning. Every detail has been worked out so you have nothing to worry about. We plan the best air travel routes. We arrange for all transfers from the airports to the hotels. We arrange the accommodations and all the diving. We are there to make sure that you have best Dive adventure possible.

Kelley likes to say, “All you have to do is show up with your dive gear and passport. We will do the rest.”

Socorro Island 2020-ONLY 3 SPOTS LEFT! Female roomie needed!

Jan 09 2020 - Jan 17 2020
You can see Mantas in many places around the world. But nowhere else boasts a population of giant Mantas that literally seek out interaction with divers and snorkelers. These gentle giants with a wingspan up to 20 feet consistently approach divers for intimate eye-to-eye encounters. If you are able to be calm and still in the water, you are almost sure to experience what we call “Manta love.”
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Hornby Island 2020!

Feb 06 2020 - Feb 09 2020
In any season, you can encounter Giant Pacific octopus, Wolfeels, Harbor Seals, large Lingcod and Rockfish, colorful Anemones and Nudibranchs. In winter, Steller's and California sea lions gather in the area to feed on huge schools of herring. Good visibility and gentle currents make the Hornby Island area easy to dive.
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French Polynesia 2020-4 SPOTS!

Mar 24 2020 - Apr 03 2020
French Polynesia aboard the French Polynesia Master French Polynesia. What springs to mind are a plethora of small islands with stunning white...
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Port Hardy, BC Trip 2020

Apr 18 2020 - Apr 24 2020
Travel with us to the far North end of Vancouver Island to a small town called Port Hardy. This is 7-DAY WEEK LONG CHARTER where they will pick us up for the 10 mile boat ride through the wilds of Queen Charlotte Strait and take us to Hurst Island where God's Pocket Resort is located. God's Pocket Resort is the only resident here nestled in a quiet cove off of Christie Passage. If your looking for peace, quiet and tranquility, you have arrived.
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Humpback Whales Of Tonga-SOLD OUT!

Aug 10 2020 - Aug 19 2020
TONGA Picture yourself snorkeling in clear blue water when out of the distance a Humpback Whale glides gracefully underneath you. The experience...
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Fiji Island Adventure 2020

Aug 19 2020 - Aug 26 2020
BULA! Join us for one of our favorite dive destinations, FIJI! Here we will spend a week enjoying the blue waters and the most incredible soft coral and fish life you have ever seen. Travel with us to find out why Fiji is called the soft coral capital of the world. The local Fijians are some of the most caring people you will ever meet while traveling. I guess that's why we keep returning year after year.
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Raja Ampat 2021

Feb 21 2021 - Mar 06 2021
Misool Eco Resort is an exclusive dive resort and conservation center located in remote southern Raja Ampat, Indonesia. Our private resort island is nestled deep in an archipelago of uninhabited islands, in the very epicentre of marine biodiversity.
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